The founder and director of the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow (MAMM) has announced that doctors, paramedics and medical students will enjoy free entrance to the museum indefinitely, once it re-opens after the lockdown.

The Multimedia Art Museum has opened an exhibition "Flowers for doctors"

Once again, I want to say "thank you" to those who risked their lives to save other people's lives during the pandemic and did not see their loved ones for weeks. "Flowers for doctors" is the name of the exhibition that opened in the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum. The works of both famous artists and Amateurs are presented. Later, a charity auction will be held and part of the proceeds will go to support doctors.​​

Multimedia Art Museum opens its doors for the first time after quarantine

Multimedia Art Museum opens its doors for the first time after quarantine. The first visitors are a few journalists. Director of the Museum Olga Sviblova talks about one of the exhibitions of the Photobiennale-2020 "Flowers for doctors". It is dedicated to doctors. It consists of photos of doctors and art objects by contemporary artists dedicated to them.

SNOB.RU MAMM launches flashmob "Flowers for doctors"

The COVID-19 epidemic has reminded us and the world that the most valuable thing we have — life-depends on doctors in critical moments.

LIFESTYLE. Exhibition "Flowers for doctors"

At the end of the exhibition, an auction of submitted works will be held in favor of doctors, and this will be targeted assistance primarily to those who have suffered from the virus.


Create individually, as a family, with children. Read the children a story about Dr. Aibolit and tell them that a doctor is the greatest profession.

Multimedia art Museum will open the exhibition "Flowers for doctors" on September 7

First of all, doctors will be invited to the gala opening on September 7, as well as those who made "flowers" for them as part of the flash mob.

MAMM indefinitely established free admission to the Museum for doctors, medical workers and medical students.

The multimedia Art Museum has announced that all doctors, medical workers, and medical students will now always be free to visit MAMM.

From September 7 to October 18, the Multimedia Art Museum will host the exhibition "Flowers for doctors".​

The exhibition also includes video and photo reports that capture the heroic work of doctors on their round-the-clock shifts in the most stressful moments of the epidemic.